About Us

Company Info:
Weesell is a Plastic Display web tool. Plastic Display has been manufacturing and selling lead boxes directly from its warehouse since 1993.We have created weesell.com to help with our online sales solution, which is "you click and we ship". 

In time, we have grown to be the largest supplier of lead boxes within the US.  We started to fill a niche market for the health club industry since we had been directly involved as sales staff, gym owners and members.  We have since realized that LEAD BOX MARKETING can cross over to many other types of businesses and we fulfilled boxes for the Martial Arts industry, Chiropractic, Dental, Home Improvement, Talent agencies, and corporate firms who want to run a successful contest or promotion.  Plastic Display has researched the box size and style that maximizes cost effective lead box marketing.  By working with sales staff and from personal experience we have focused our efforts to satisfy the following three areas:
  • Lead box visibility
  • Placement approval
  • Ease of service

We have studied market trends in the health club, chiropractic and martial arts industry and have determined that lead box guerrilla-style marketing is the most cost effective means of creating appointments and increasing clientele!  This is a time tested system that is now being incorporated by many other industries.  At weesell.com, we are constantly in the process of upgrading and developing new marketing products geared toward increasing and maintaining sales leads.

During our long time of making and selling boxes, we have become experts in designing eye catching and successful graphics to go along with the boxes. The design prints are just as important as the box when creating a successful lead box or contest box promotion. Don't forget to view our artwork section for great ideas on your design!

We stride to give each customer the personal attention they need to answer all of their questions about starting and maintaining a strong lead box program.  weesell.com - Plastic Display Co. relies on repeat business, so it is in both ours and the customer’s best interest to provide the highest quality product in a timely manner.  Orders will generally ship the same day or next day.  We stock in large quantities all our products, so there is extended waiting period before an order is shipped.  This also allows us to keep our prices lower than any of our competitors.